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  • We are a law firm
    Specializing in debt settlement, financial cases, and legal services
    for SMEs, corporates, and individuals both within and outside UAE

    Midas Gulf is one-stop destination for your debt negotiations, loan consolidations, and debt settlement
    not just with all banks in the UAE, but with any creditor to whom you or your company owe money.
    This includes managing and rescheduling your vendor, supplier, even landlord payments and helping you
    deal with any legal issues and litigation you are facing due to your payment defaults.

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What we do?

Professionals with corporate, managerial, legal, banking and financial experience work on your behalf to successfully negotiate with banks and financial institutions to close delinquent loans or restructure them based on your financial circumstances. Personal/Vehicle/Business/Housing loans and corporate and personal credit card outstanding are all covered through our services.